How Is AI Changing the World of Photography?


James Nader’s creative journey goes way beyond the limits of traditional photography, going further into the laborious process of deconstructing and reconstructing pictures with the help of photography, mixed media, Photoshop, and artificial intelligence technology.

This method, incorporating both digital and traditional methods, has developed its distinctive style over time. Nader’s ability to move fluidly across many creative disciplines exemplifies his interest in manipulating pictures to conjure something puzzling and satisfying. Not only has his early love of photography and manual production been sharpened and enhanced by mixed media and computer technologies, but it has also led to professional partnerships in the fashion and music industries.

For Nader, taking photographs of people is only the beginning of an artistic adventure. The cathartic practice of subsequently cutting, shredding, or even painting printed images is a method of expression that challenges and goes beyond the traditional flat image. Every picture that emerges under Nader’s transforming touch becomes a blank canvas showing an effortless combination of photography and mixed media, providing a richer narrative and aesthetic appeal.