james nader fashion photographer

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71–75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
United Kingdom



My photography has represented numerous prominent brands and campaigns throughout the years. My in-depth grasp of production, concepts, lighting, and design, combined with my distinct editorial style and edgy interpretations, allows me to conceptualize and craft masterful images. This expertise has garnered respect from Art Buyers and Editors both within the UK and on an international scale.

I am a British Photographer with a penchant for avant-garde capturing techniques. Over the years, I have carved a niche for myself, specializing in classic cinematic style photography and videography. With eight years under my belt as a creative director/producer in a digital agency, I’ve gained a unique perspective, understanding all facets of production.

My foundation in traditional analogue photographic and printing processes has been instrumental in shaping my cinematic style. With an intimate understanding of these techniques, I’ve been able to weave narratives in fashion, capturing seemingly private moments in a refined yet aspirational manner, providing my clients with a distinct advantage in their content creation.

Consistently immersed in a commercial environment, I continuously evolve my personal artistic perspective, undertaking fashion editorial and conceptual photography assignments for diverse clientele.