Lambertz, Germany Location 12 Countries

Creating 24 individual Fine Art Pieces and some video for a fine Art Calendar and German editorial magazines with full TV interviews
This epic tour was produced over 29 days and in over twelve countries in Europe, including the UK and Ibiza.

Lambertz Germany 2 Location Iceland

With a team of 24 people, including 8 models: Nena from Germany’s The Voice fame, Rurik Gislason, the top Icelandic national team star and the German Stricly Dance Champion Two makeup and hair products plus a whole entourage of supporting staff in production

behind the scenes shoot verity ad me by james nader

Verity & Me Bali Shoot - Henstead Gardens

I was originally booked to fly to Bali for the campaign with the team, but with COVID restrictions, this could not go ahead so we had to resolve this within the UK. A two-day recce within the UK found these fabulous gardens, which gave the general impression of where Bali was located.